3D Environment / Texture Artist

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RockBots 3000 is a Game Wizards production about giant music driven robots that have rock battles for genre supremacy. I worked in a group of about 10 - 15 artists and we met for scrum weekly.

Project duties:

This is an in game screen shot of a rock and roll statue holding the neon light-up microphone I made. The character you play as is standing on the statues other hand.

This boombox is a pick-up we used in game to give you health. It spins around and glows so it is easily visible.

Below is a microphone I modeled in Max, textured in Photoshop, and then imported into the Unreal engine to be rendered. This neon microphone was used for signs on buildings and a prop for the rock and roll statue.

Here is a small example of the mood boards I created. Here I show our color scheme and difference between hip - hop and the rock and roll side. Rock and roll colors are dark and saturated, I picked mostly warm colors to represent rock with a few cool colors. Cool pastel and bright colors were used to represent the pop and hip hop music. When the two colors are combined the contrast between the two make them pop. Under the colors are some images for what should be in the city level and the style we where going for. For the rock side there is metal, spikes, leather. On the hip hop side we have Plastic, gold, pleather, and lights.

RockBots 3000