3D Environment / Texture Artist

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Exodus is a Game Wizards production of a 3rd person shooter set in a post-apocalyptic world where plants have evolved into horrible creatures. The project had about 90 people broken into several groups working on it. There was a set pipeline that each group followed. In our individual groups we would meet every week for scrum to stay on track.

Project duties:

This bulb was modeled in Max and textured in Zbrush and then brought into UDK. I had to keep it low poly so that the game would run. When I was texturing this flower I wanted parts of it to glow and have kind of an Avatar look to it.

The creator of Exodus asked anybody if they wanted to try making a few survivor characters quickly because we were going to ship in a few weeks, so I volunteered. Characters were new to me but I had fun sculpting and texturing my character in Zbrush. I took the mesh from Max to Zbrush to be rigged and then into UDK. Recently other groups making their own games have asked if they could use my character in their game as well.

The vines here were used thru out the level to show the infestation of the infected plants. There are various sickly red growths and veins on the mesh sculpted in with Zbrush. I used Photoshop to add more to the texture, and once I put it in the Unreal Engine the level designers wrapped the wall growths along the environment.